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Project - Baku Baku Revival is a falling block puzzle arcade game. There are 2 types of blocks: animals, and food. Each animal has its favored food, and when it is aligned, the animal will leave its block and eat all the food which is adjacent. Larger groups of nearby food of the same type result in higher scores, likewise, the player is encouraged to create combos, and multiply the score. For each combo, the player will also send blocks to the adversary, which will complicate the strategy, creating an extremely addicting game dynamics. The match ends when one of the opponents can't place any more blocks on their game stage.
  • High definition and colorful 3D graphics, making full use of the latest Unity engine
  • Vibrant animations will make the game thoroughly enjoyable to those who play and to those who watch it being played
  • Deceptively easy gameplay grows in strategy and complexity as you progress the campaign
  • Embrace the global challenge to be the best with multiplayer opponents from across the world
  • Original Soundtrack created by composer Oleg Plyasunov. It's catchy and youthful themes will run through your mind even when you're not playing

The action takes place in a zoo. When the animals get fed up with being the stars of the place and being only given the scraps to eat, they start their escape! Playing as a rebellious monkey, on each level the player will rescue a different class of animal, battling against zoo keepers, firefighters, the police (among others) and, finally, the evil zoo owners!
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Why are you building this game?This is simple to answer, because we are Fans and we think that all fans deserve a Remake of this game.

Is this Project associated in any kind with SEGA?We have developed the game so far on our own, however, on the last weeks, we have been in conversations with SEGA and with Noboru Machida (Director of the original Baku Baku Animal), and during the campaign we will update the backers with more informations.

What do you think about having Sega onboard?We would absolutely love to have Sega onboard as the game Publisher.

If i backed one award with Digital Version what version will i receive?We will send you Digital Versions for PC, but of course if we achieve other stretch goals for other system we will ask you and send you your digital version for the system you have chosen.

If i backed one award with Physical Version what version will i receive?We will send you Physical Version for PC, but of course if we achieve other stretch goals for other system, we'll negociate with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to produce a physical version for their platforms, we will inform you and ask you which version you want to be delivered.

What is the idea behind the NFC characters?Here we have a set of ideas, the possibilities are tremendous and we don't want to express all the possibilities before we have patented the idea. However, you will be able to collect physical characters, or even build your own character which would be exclusively built for you. Then you need to teach it the way you play and turn it against your opponent. Your character evolves as you play and you could also compete with the best of the world and see it in a ranking list. You could exchange the characters, too. You could teach every character the use of different strategies, so you could learn the strategies of your opponent and use the right character to beat him.
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Ricardo Pintois the Lead Creative Director and Lead Artist. He has several years of experience in the gaming industry and has worked for some well-known Gaming Publishers.
Team member
Ricardo Gomesis one of the founders of Grandes Planos S.A. and a well-known Project Manager. He worked for renowned IT enterprises for several years, and a number of his projects received innovation awards across the world.
Team member
Joel Silvais one of the founders of Grandes Planos S.A., is the most critical person in this project. He tests, finds bugs and gives ideas to improve the overall game experience in order to bring an amazing game to you.
Team member
Tiago Costais the main game programmer of this project. He's been programming since his early days and has some crazy imagination... And kills teddy bears with his bare hands!
Team member
Oleg Plyasunovour composer with a vast experience in music, sfx, developed a masterpiece in sound and sfx for this game.
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